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At-home Peel

This treatment removes layers of dead skin cells, diminishes lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and hydrates skincells. You will see immediate improvement. Your will become smoother, softer, tighter, more toned, vibrant, and will appear more youthful-looking. This treatment is stimulating and will help to build real Collagen and Elastin which, in fact, will cause the skin to become more plump and firm.

The AHA PEEL-1 will improve the overall health and quality of the skin.  Depending on your current skin condition, more than one (1) weekly treatment may be needed to achieve your best beautification results.  For the best results, start a Series of 4-weekly treatments, then repeat if necessary.  Doing this will ensure optimal results are achieved.

Treatment includes:

  1. Peel Solution
  2. Skin Healing Seum
  3. Bowl (for peel solution)
  4. Application Brush

Caution: This product is not for women who are pregnant, breast feeding, or under age 16.


•Removes dead and dull skin cells

•Diminishes lines and wrinkles

•Diminishes Sun Damage & Brown Spots

•Stimulates real collagen, firms & tones skin

•Creates vibrant and smooth skin

•Brightens skin

•Reduces Pore Size and Eliminates Toxins

•Creates Youthful-looking skin, Smooth & Dewy skin

How to Apply :

Step 1 - Cleanse Face (cleanser not included)

Step 2 - Apply AHA PEEL-1 solution to entire face (leave on for 1-2mins, then rinse off)

Step 3 - Apply Healing Serum


  1. Do not get AHA PEEL-1 into your eyes
  2. No direct sunlight for 2 days (skin may get damaged)
  3. Do NOT apply any other products to skin for 3-4 days (only apply healing serum & SPF

Size:  1 Treatment

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