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JUICY Lips kit


This is a Premium product that gives immediate and long-lasting results.  JUICY Lips is a new, revolutionary Lip-Rejuvenation and PLUMPING treatment.

Will help all the following Lip conditions:

  1. Damaged - Dry lips
  2. Wrinkled  - Cracked lips
  3. Flat - Dehydrated - Thin lips

JUICY Lips Serum

Apply liberally for immediate and Long-lasting Results! 

What it Does, Instantly:

  1. Stimulates blood-flow and creates REAL-COLLAGEN
  2. Lips become flushed with a natural beautifying color
  3. Very visible plumped with intriguing new shaping
  4. Reduces the appearance of  wrinkled-lips
  5. Smooths, Hydrates, and Moisturize lips
  6. Non-Sticky serum

How to Use:
Apply daily, lip-volumizing is long-lasting. 

JUICY Lips Scrub & Balm

This is a Lip Treatment product.  Gives lips intense hydration with gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin.  Helps to repair and prevent chapped  lips and dry lip-corners.  This is a nightly treatment.

How To Use options:

#1. Coat lips with product before going to bed.   Wake up to super-moist lips, then apply JUICY Lips serum to plump-up!

#2. Coat lips with product, leave on for 15-20 minutes, then gently masaage lips, wiipe off, then apply JUICY Lips serum.

#3. Can be used as a Lip Balm by only applying a small amount on Lips (minus crystals).

Size: 10ml

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